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8/27 Football  Beaver HS, UT vs Marsh Valley
8/27 Football  Morgan HS, UT vs Sugar-Salem
8/27 Football  Elko, NV vs Middleton
8/27 Football  Green Canyon HS, UT vs Skyline
8/28 Football  Lighthouse Christian vs Kendrick
8/28 Football  Ogden HS, UT vs Pocatello
8/28 Football  Raft River vs Clearwater Valley
8/28 Football  Alta HS, UT vs Highland (Poc)
8/28 Football  Glenns Ferry vs Prairie
8/28 Football  Bear River HS, UT vs Madison
8/28 Football  Lehi HS, UT vs Coeur d'Alene
8/28 Football  Oakley vs Lapwai
9/3 Football  Minico vs Middleton
9/10 Football  Carey vs Wilder
9/11 Football  Kendrick vs Oakley

Most Recent Action Photo Galleries

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5/31 Football  2021 North South Shrine Game 8-Man
5/31 Football  2021 North South Shrine Game 11-Man
5/31 Football  2021 Shriners North South All Star 11 man
5/31 Football  8 Man North South Shriners all-star Football
5/22 Baseball  Rocky Mountain vs Mountain View
5/22 Baseball  Kimberly vs Snake River
5/22 Baseball  Twin Falls vs Canyon Ridge
5/22 Baseball  Malad vs Nampa Christian
5/22 Baseball  North Star Charter vs Genesee
5/22 Baseball  Weiser vs Fruitland
5/22 Baseball  Bishop Kelly vs Columbia
5/22 Baseball  Eagle vs Timberline (Boise)
5/22 Baseball  1A Consolation Kamiah-Glenns Ferry
5/22 Baseball  1A Consolation Kamiah-Glenns Ferry
5/22 Baseball  Melba vs Firth

What is a Power Booster?
We know you give a lot to your local schools to help support their activities. If it wasn't for business owners like you, a lot of activities and programs would not be available. We also know how important it is to spend your advertising budget in a way that gets your name out to as many potential eyeballs as humanly possible. has developed a new program that rewards high school business supporters in a way that has never been offered before. The all-new “Power Booster” program gives you, the business owner, a sure guarantee that your advertising dollars are being spent wisely, and it only takes saying “yes” once a year! This isn’t a sponsorship where your money is just given away and you see little or nothing in return. This is hard-targeted advertising that will get your name and business in front of a lot of current and potential customers.

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The Power Booster banner ad is a 234x60px banner ad that runs on every page within your chosen school information area, including:
  1. Main school information page
  2. Football Schedule / Conference Standings
  3. Volleyball Schedule / Conference Standings
  4. Boys Soccer Schedule / Conference Standings
  5. Girls Soccer Schedule / Conference Standings
  6. Boys Basketball Schedule / Conference Standings
  7. Girls Basketball Schedule / Conference Standings
  8. Baseball Schedule / Conference Standings
  9. Softball Schedule / Conference Standings
Some existing Power Booster banner ads are seen close to 200,000 times a year!

Your banner ad will also appear on every sport preview we produce for your school. This year we will be putting out previews for football, wrestling, boys basketball and girls basketball. It is our goal to also produce pre-season previews for boys soccer, girls soccer, volleyball, baseball and softball in the future. Our Power Boosters are going to be what makes that possible.

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