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Timberlake High School

School Info
Conference: Intermountain Conference
Classification: 3A

Head Coach: Tony Hanna

Years as Head Coach: 3

Previous Experience: Head Coach at Tekoa-Oakesdale

Record Last Year: 18-5

Assistant Coaches:
Matt George and Cameron Knigge

Who do you have coming back this year?
Keegan Scott, Guard, 6’1”, Senior; Mason Cramer, Post, 6’3”, Senior; Austin Allen, Guard, 5’10”, Senior; Bryce Johnson, Wing, 6’3”, Senior Bob Cronnelly, Post, 6’3”, Senior Ben Austin, Guard, 6’0”, Senior

Any Returning Players with Honors?
Keegan Scott, #20, All-conference

Any “Key Players” that you lost from last year?
Johnny Hayden, Guard – Leading scorer, playing at Crown College in Minnesota, All-conference. Trevor Masterson, Post – Leading rebounder & shot blocker, All-conference. Jon Thompson, Post – Versatile post player, playing at Community Colleges of Spokane, All-conference.

Photo By: Jason Duchow - #21 Keegan Scott
As a team, what are your offensive strengths?
We should have really good team speed this year, strength in the post position, and good outside shooting. We have three key returners who were key factors in last year’s success in Scott, Cramer, and Allen. This year we will surround them with good athletes and players who are willing to dig in and work hard.

Offensive areas you hope to improve on over last year:
We believe in a team first philosophy and this year’s players all seem to buy in to what we are trying to do. Last year we put quite a few points on the board on offense. Hopefully this season we can do the same

As a team, what are your defensive strengths?
Our team speed and depth of our bench should allow us to press more and continue to bring in fresh bodies.

Defensive Areas you hope to improve on over last year:
This season we are hoping to do a better job in our overall team defense. Everything we do is based on all players covering their responsibilities and if we can do that, we will be able to put more pressure on the other teams.

What are you most excited about in regards to this year’s team?
This year’s team is full of great young men. They all like each other and are not afraid of hard work. It is going to be a fun year for Timberlake basketball.

For the fans, what is the must-see game of the year on your schedule?
We had a couple of good summer league games with Sandpoint and it should be another great match-up when we see them during the season.

What is the ‘X-Factor’ to having success this season as a team?
We don’t have a lot of varsity experience on this team, outside of our three key returners, so a big factor will be how the other players come along and step up in their roles.

If you could change one rule in high school basketball, what would it be?
Idaho needs to have a shot-clock. It doesn’t need to be short, even 45 seconds would be fine. Taking the air out of the ball is not fun for anybody. I know that there is an argument that a less-talented team has a chance to beat a team with more talent by keeping the ball out of their hands. However, shouldn’t we reward those players who spend time getting better at the game by developing their skills in the off-season? Also, really low scoring games are no fun to play or watch. If you are going to shut out a team, it should come with good defense. After all, basketball is a game and should be enjoyed by those who are playing as well as those who come to watch. I know the question says one rule, but I also think that the running clock in the 4th quarter needs to be done away with. I understand the issue with running up the score, but this is quite a bit of potential time that my players who don’t get a lot of floor time are losing. For many players, this is the only “quality” time they will see during the year. Those players practice just as much as the ones who start or get to play a lot. Don’t they deserve floor time as well?

Besides the pay, the fame and the glory, why do you coach high school basketball?
Basketball is similar to life. You have to develop your skills and learn how to work with others in order to succeed. As a coach, my role is to guide the players in the best way I know how in order to get the most out of them and show them the value of hard work. When I see players “get it”, that makes it all worth it.

What makes your school the best place to coach for?
The staff that I work with in the Timberlake community is comprised of incredible people. We all want to see each other succeed, and keep the kids at the front of it all. Their success is the most important thing.

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