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Council High School

School Info
Conference: 1AD2 Long Pin Conference
Classification: 1A D2

Head Coach: David Howe

Years as Head Coach: 17

Record Last Year: 12-8

State Titles: Runner up 2004 / 11 state tournament appearances

Assistant Coaches:
Brodie Nichols

Who do you have coming back this year?
Guard ,Ryan Rosengrant, 10, 5’10; Post, Herald Ludwig, 10, 6’2; Post, Mick Wilson,12, 6’4; Guard, Kevin Heil, 11, 5’9; Post/Guard Corbin Hedges, 11, 6’0; Guard, Jordin Cook 11, 5’10; Guard, Jared Neal, 10, 5’10;

Any “Key Players” that you lost from last year?
Cody Shelton and Chase Brown speed and hustle

Do you have any new incoming “impact” players?
Ryan Rosengrant and Kevin Heil both guards, Kevin is a junior 5’9 and Ryan is a sophomore 5’10
As a team, what are your offensive strengths?
Very versatile, we have size and speed mixed in with some good shooters inside and outside

Offensive areas you hope to improve on over last year:
Reduce turnovers and become more efficient with the ball on offense.

As a team, what are your defensive strengths?
Again I think we can be very versatile with the athleticism we have this year.

Defensive Areas you hope to improve on over last year:
Defensive rebounding and defending screen and roll

What are you most excited about in regards to this year’s team?
Our overall team attitude

For the fans, what is the must-see game of the year on your schedule?
Salmon River defending state Champ and Cascade is for Council our biggest rival

What is the ‘X-Factor’ to having success this season as a team?
Coming out of football healthy

If you could change one rule in high school basketball, what would it be?
When diving for a ball and you are sliding across the floor it should not be traveling

Besides the pay, the fame and the glory, why do you coach high school basketball?
I like being around the players and watching them grow as player, team, and ultimately into young men

What makes your school the best place to coach for?
I have a lot of freedom to do a lot of things that I might not get to do at other schools and for the most part parents are really great here. There is nothing like a home game against another team when our student body is in the stands going wild and cheering us on. It is a great atmosphere for basketball game

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