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5/18 Softball  Cole Valley Christian vs Malad
5/18 Baseball  Grangeville vs Orofino
5/18 Baseball  Homedale vs Sugar-Salem
5/18 Softball  New Plymouth vs Cole Valley Christian
5/18 Baseball  Kimberly vs Fruitland
5/17 Softball  Cole Valley Christian vs Malad
5/17 Baseball  Kimberly vs Homedale
5/16 Softball  Orofino vs North Fremont
5/16 Baseball  Grangeville vs Malad
5/16 Softball  Greenleaf Friends vs Clearwater Valley
5/16 Softball  Idaho City vs Garden Valley
5/16 Baseball  Middleton vs Rocky Mountain
5/16 Softball  Kendrick vs Glenns Ferry
5/16 Softball  Potlatch vs Genesee
5/11 Track & Field  1A D3 District Track - Triple Jump Finals-Boys

Ririe High School Bulldogs
Rhett Barber Boys Basketball Stats
2A District VI 2A Nuclear Conference

School Info | Ririe Boys Basketball
Head Coach: Jordan Hamilton 
Malad 11/29/2023               
Soda Springs 12/7/2023               
South Fremont 12/8/2023               
Firth 12/9/2023               
Teton 12/13/2023               
Malad 12/19/2023               
West Side 12/21/2023               
West Side 1/3/2024               
Sugar-Salem 1/5/2024               
Firth 1/11/2024               
West Jefferson 1/13/2024               
South Fremont 1/16/2024               
Salmon 1/17/2024               
Sugar-Salem 1/19/2024               
Teton 1/23/2024               
North Fremont 1/25/2024               
Firth 1/27/2024               
West Jefferson 1/31/2024               
Salmon 2/2/2024               
South Fremont 2/5/2024               
North Fremont 2/9/2024               
Firth 2/12/2024               
Salmon 2/14/2024               
West Jefferson 2/16/2024               
Firth 2/19/2024               

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