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4/23 Softball  Centennial JV vs Mountain View JV
4/23 Softball  Centennial vs Mountain View
4/22 Baseball  Wendell vs Malad
4/20 Baseball  Filer vs Snake River
4/19 Track & Field  Don Walker Invitational-Field events
4/19 Track & Field  Great Basin Conference Meet
4/19 Track & Field  Don Walker Invitational-Running Events
4/19 Softball  Scott Ray Tournament North Fremont vs Marsh Valley
4/18 Baseball  Buhl vs Kimberly
4/17 Softball  Soda Springs vs Malad
4/17 Softball  Meridian vs Rocky Mountain
4/15 Baseball  Marsh Valley vs Malad
4/13 Softball  Malad vs Wendell
4/13 Softball  Wilder vs Soda Springs
4/13 Baseball  Marsing vs Orofino Action Photos
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23-24SoftballCentennial JV vs Mountain View JV4/23/202405:00 PMJulian Jenkins View Photos
23-24SoftballCentennial vs Mountain View4/23/202405:00 PMJulian Jenkins View Photos
23-24BaseballWendell vs Malad4/22/202404:00 PMKen Timothy View Photos
23-24BaseballFiler vs Snake River4/20/202411:00 AMRandy Jones View Photos
23-24Track & FieldDon Walker Invitational-Field events4/19/202401:00 PMPatty Theurer View Photos
23-24Track & FieldGreat Basin Conference Meet4/19/202401:00 PMRandy Jones View Photos
23-24Track & FieldDon Walker Invitational-Running Events4/19/202402:00 PMPatty Theurer View Photos
23-24SoftballScott Ray Tournament North Fremont vs Marsh Valley4/19/202409:00 AMKen Timothy View Photos
23-24BaseballBuhl vs Kimberly4/18/202404:00 PMRyan Geer View Photos
23-24SoftballSoda Springs vs Malad4/17/202404:00 PMKen Timothy View Photos
23-24SoftballMeridian vs Rocky Mountain4/17/202405:00 PMJulian Jenkins View Photos
23-24BaseballMarsh Valley vs Malad4/15/202404:00 PMKen Timothy View Photos
23-24SoftballMalad vs Wendell4/13/202401:45 PMWesley Turner View Photos
23-24SoftballWilder vs Soda Springs4/13/202403:15 PMWesley Turner View Photos
23-24BaseballMarsing vs Orofino4/13/202411:00 AMClayton Bunt View Photos
23-24Track & FieldBuhl Rotary Track meet4/12/202401:00 PMWesley Turner View Photos
23-24Track & FieldGolden Baton Relays4/12/202401:00 PMRandy Jones View Photos
23-24SoftballTwin Falls vs Canyon Ridge4/12/202405:00 PMKelly Magee View Photos
23-24BaseballBear Lake vs Malad4/10/202404:00 PMKen Timothy View Photos
23-24SoftballBear Lake vs Malad4/10/202404:00 PMKen Timothy View Photos
23-24SoftballNampa Christian vs Cole Valley Christian4/10/202405:00 PMJulian Jenkins View Photos
23-24SoftballDeclo vs Wendell4/9/202404:00 PMWesley Turner View Photos
23-24SoftballMiddleton JV vs Meridian JV4/9/202405:00 PMJulian Jenkins View Photos
23-24SoftballTimberline (Boise) vs Meridian4/9/202405:00 PMJulian Jenkins View Photos
23-24BaseballBear Lake JV vs Malad JV4/9/202406:00 PMKen Timothy View Photos
23-24BaseballTimberline (Boise) vs Meridian4/9/202406:30 PMJulian Jenkins View Photos
23-24BaseballGrangeville vs Orofino4/8/202403:00 PMClayton Bunt View Photos
23-24SoftballGrangeville vs Orofino4/8/202403:00 PMClayton Bunt View Photos
23-24BaseballFirth vs Snake River4/8/202404:00 PMRandy Jones View Photos
23-24TennisTimberline (Boise) JV vs Rocky Mountain JV4/8/202404:00 PMJulian Jenkins View Photos

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