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2024 Idaho High School State Wrestling Tournament Preview (Class 2A/1A)
Al Fontes breaks down the athletes to watch, title contenders, and dark horses in Class 2A/1A
Published: 2/22/2024 9:35:03 AM
Al Fontes
Contributing Writer


The small school division in Idaho consists of programs with enrollment sizes from just under 100 to 320 students. Despite the small enrollment numbers, the quality of wrestling being produced in the rural areas of the state is exceptional. The 2A/1A division returns a total of 9 individual State Champions and 48 state placers. The team race is expected to be a battle between Malad and Kellogg, but we cannot count out returning champions New Plymouth.

Tucker Bowen of Soda Springs is the leader among the 9 returning State Champions. Competing in the 126 pound weight group, Bowen is a 2x State Champion, All-American and is committed to compete at the University of Wyoming next fall. Only a junior, Glenns Ferry’s Gabe Mullenburg is a 2x State Champion and will have to battle hard for another title in the competitive 120 pound weight group. Other returning State Champions include Carter Kimball (113 – Grace), Wallace Durfee (132 – Declo), Jaeger Hall (145 – Kellogg), Wyatt Cutler (170 – Grace), Colton Gunderson (160 – West Side), and New Plymouth trio Jacob Shaw (152s), Skyler Rodriguez (138s), and Nathan Willoughby at 285s.

Along with Tucker Bowen and Wyatt Cutler, seniors Kolter Wood (132 – Kellogg) and Hiatt Beck of Aberdeen (152s) are each 3x state placers vying for a fourth medal. Other returning state placers with state finals experience include Tayven Kunz (120 – Ririe), Price Thomas (132 – Glenns Ferry), Ches Lee Webb (120 – Ririe), Kaden Schaff (Nezperce), Gavin Peterson (120 – West Side), Jace Waggoner (138 – Tri-Valley) and Caeden McLaimtaig of Priest River at 152s.

The top teams entering this year’s 2A/1A State Championships are Malad, Kellogg, and defending State Champions New Plymouth. All three teams qualified between 15 to 17 wrestlers with Malad and New Plymouth returning the most state placers at 5. Among the returning state placers, New Plymouth returns the most individual State Champions at 3. In a nutshell, I expect this team race to come down to the wire and not disappoint.

The freshman class in the 2A/1A has several wrestlers ranked in the state, but one wrestler in particular is among the top in all divisions. Entering these championships with a 51-1 record (lone loss to a Utah wrestler), Drake Morrison of Malad is a Folkstyle All-American and the top seed at 138s. He will be very difficult to beat. Other top level freshman to watch include district champions Blane Ethington (113 – New Plymouth), Oakley Maddox (145 – Malad), and James Hansen of Ririe at 145s.

Once again, I expect the 2A/1A division to be very competitive not only in the team race, but individually as well. Below is a comprehensive list of top teams, returning Champions, sate placers, All-Americans, college commits, and freshman to watch. Enjoy!




MALAD (17)


Returning State Placers (5)

98 – Jack Willie (Soph.), 4th. State

113 – Porter Mills (Soph.), 4th. State

113 – Jace Potter (Sr.), 5th. State

120 – Tommy Angell (Sr.), 3rd. State

195 – Blaiz Wright (Sr.), 4th. State


Returning State Qualifiers (5)

126 – Sam Willie (Soph.), 2nd. Dist. (2x)

160 – Dylan Moss (Sr.), 2nd. Dist. (3x)

170 – Hunter Wray (Sr.), 4th. Dist. (3x)

182 – Lex Driskel (Sr.), 2nd. Dist. (2x)

220 – Caleb Mathews (Sr.), 2nd. Dist. (3x)


State Qualifiers (7)

106 – Ayden Potter (Soph.), 5th. Dist.

126 – Parker Price (Fr.), 3rd. Dist.

138 – Drake Morrison (Fr.), 1st. Dist.

145 – Oakley Maddox (Fr.), 1st. Dist.

152 – Gabe Hooste (Jr.), 2nd. Dist.

160 – Cam Bingham (Soph.), 3rd. Dist.

182 – Rydon Montgomery (Soph.), 3rd. Dist.




Returning State Placers (4)

120 – Ricky Haralson (Jr.), 4th, 6th. State

126 – Chase Scribner (Soph.), 3rd. State

132 – Kolter Wood (Sr.), 5th, 6th, 3rd. State

145 – Jaeger Hall (Sr.), State Champion


Returning State Qualifiers (7)

98 – Johnny Stovern (Soph.), 1st. Dist. (2x)

106 – Aiden Figueroa (Soph.), 3rd. Dist. (2x)

132 – Wyatt Storey (Jr.), 2nd. Dist. (2x)

138 – Tanner Williams (Jr.), 3rd. Dist. (2x)

160 – Brady Vergobbi (Jr.), 2nd. Dist. (3x)

170 – Ramsey Rainio (Sr.), 1st. Dist. (3x)

220 – Kyle VanVleet (Jr.), 4th. Dist. (2x)


State Qualifiers (6)

98 – Kevin Watson (Fr.), 3rd. Dist.

106 – Colton Storey (Fr.), 2nd. Dist.

120 – Landyn Rollins (Fr.), 3rd. Dist.

170 – Travis Eixenberger (Sr.), 2nd. Dist.

195 – A.J. Peak (Soph.), 4th. Dist.

285 – Russell Fields (Jr.), 2nd. Dist.




Returning State Placers (5)

126 – Jeremiah Perry (Jr.), 4th. State

138 – Skyler Rodriguez (Sr.), 3rd., State Champion

152 – Jacob Shaw (Jr.), 6th., State Champion

182 – Gabriel Cox (Jr.), 5th. 4th. State

285 – Nathan Willoughby (Sr.), State Champion


Returning State Qualifiers (2)

120 – Jacob Hartle (Jr.), 2nd. Dist. (3x)

145 – Zack Vian (Sr.), 1st. Dist. (3x)


State Qualifiers (8)

106 – Gabe Howard (Fr.), 1st. Dist.

113 – Blane Ethington (Fr.), 1st. Dist.

120 – WahNay Say (Fr.), 1st. Dist.

126 – Ty Sutton (Fr.), 3rd. Dist.

160 – Christopher Newling (Sr.), 3rd. Dist.

170 – Wade Bell (Fr.), 3rd. Dist.

182 – Trevin Mullanix (Soph.), 4th. Dist.

220 – Nolan Darrough (Fr.), 2nd. Dist.


OTHER TEAMS TO WATCH: Declo (10), Firth (12), North Fremont (12), Ririe (10), and West Side (11).



Gabe Mullenburg (Glenns Ferry, 11)

Tucker Bowen (Soda Springs, 12)



Carter Kimball (Grace, 10)

Wallace Durfee (Declo, 12)

Jaeger Hall (Kellogg, 12)

Jacob Shaw (New Plymouth, 11)

Wyatt Cutler (Grace, 12)

Nathan Willoughby (New Plymouth, 12)

Colton Gunderson (West Side, 12)

Skyler Rodriguez (New Plymouth, 12), ’21 



Tucker Bowen (Soda Springs, 12), 2nd, 1st, 1st

Wyatt Cutler (Grace, 12), 5th, 4th, 1st

Kolter Wood (Kellogg, 12), 5th, 6th, 3rd

Hiatt Beck (Aberdeen, 12), 6th, 3rd, 3rd



Gabe Mullenburg (Glenns Ferry, 11), 1st, 1st

Jacob Shaw (New Plymouth, 11), 6th, 1st

Tayven Kunz (Ririe, 11), 2nd, 4th

Price Thomas (Glenns Ferry, 12), 3rd, 2nd

Ches Lee Webb (Ririe, 11), 5th, 2nd

Porter Whipple (Kamiah, 12), 5th, 3rd

Colten Gundersen (West Side, 12), 5th, 1st

Eston Beck (Aberdeen, 11), 5th, 4th

Gabriel Cox (New Plymouth, 11), 5th, 4th

Bass Myers (Clearwater Valley, 12), 6th, 3rd

Brylee Ganske (Salmon, 11), 6th, 5th

Ricky Haralson (Kellogg, 11), 4th, 6th



Carter Kimball (Grace, 10), State Champion

Kaden Schaff (Nezperce, 10), 2nd Place

Porter Mills (Malad, 10), 4th Place

Jack Willie (Malad, 10), 5th Place

Colter Barzee (West Side, 10), 6th Place

Gavin Peterson (West Side, 11), 2nd Place

Chase Scribner (Kellogg, 10), 3rd Place

Jace Potter (Malad, 12), 5th Place

Hayden Bond (Bear Lake, 11), 6th Place

Tommy Angell (Malad, 12), 3rd Place

Jeremiah Perry (New Plymouth, 11), 4th Place

Carson Hill (North Fremont, 11), 5th Place

Colm McLaimtaig (Priest River, 11), 5th Place ‘22

Stellar Tew (West Side, 11), 6th Place

Zander Yearsley (Ririe, 11), 4th Place ‘22

Jack Eddins (Grace, 11), 3rd Place ‘22

Jaeger Hall (Kellogg, 12), State Champion

Jace Waggoner (Tri-Valley, 10), 2nd Place

Caeden McLaimtaig (Priest River, 12), 2nd Place

Bronc Cordingly (North Fremont, 11), 6th Place

Russell Noah (Tri-Valley, 12), 6th Place ‘22

Jake Fabbi (Clearwater Valley, 11), 5th Place ‘22

Bridger Jolley (Firth, 11), 6th Place

Blaiz Wright (Malad, 12), 4th Place

Trevor Rhoades (Melba, 12), 6th Place

Teysen Gunnell (North Fremont, 12), 5th Place ‘22

Orin Miller (North Fremont, 11), 3rd Place

Evan Michaelson (Melba, 12), 4th Place

Elijah Dilworth (Soda Springs, 10), 5th Place

Matthew Goostrey (Bear Lake, 12), 5th Place

Ben Jensen (West Side, 12), 6th Place

Nathan Willoughby (New Plymouth, 12), State Champion



106 – Gabe Howard (New Plymouth), 1st. Dist.

113 – Blane Ethington (New Plymouth), 1st. Dist.

113 – Eian Schwecke (Kendrick), 1st. Dist.

120 – WahNay Say (New Plymouth), 1st. Dist.

138 – Drake Morrison (Malad), 1st. Dist.

145 – Oakley Maddox (Malad), 1st. Dist.

145 – James Hansen (Ririe), 1st. Dist.



Tucker Bowen (Soda Springs, 12)

Drake Morrison (Malad)



Tucker Bowen (Soda Springs), University of Wyoming (DI)

Nathan Willoughby (New Plymouth), Maine Maritime Academy (DIII)

Colton Gunderson (West Side), Augustana (DII)

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2/22/2024 7:48:31 PM
145 2A bracket
James Meyer from Valley is a former state runner up not mentioned in your preview he should find his way to the podium this year.

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