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11/23 Football  District 3 11-Man Shrine Game
11/23 Football  District 3 8-Man Shrine Game

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11/17 Football  Bishop Kelly vs Hillcrest
11/17 Football  Homedale vs Sugar-Salem
11/17 Football  Bishop Kelly vs Hillcrest
11/17 Girls Basketball  Lake City vs Mountain View
11/17 Girls Basketball  Twin Falls vs Ridgevue
11/17 Football  Highland (Poc) vs Rocky Mountain
11/17 Football  Highland (Poc) vs Rocky Mountain
11/16 Football  North Fremont vs Declo
11/16 Football  North Fremont vs Declo
11/16 Football  Valley vs Oakley
11/16 Football  Valley vs Oakley
11/15 Football  Carey vs Lighthouse Christian
11/15 Girls Basketball  Eagle vs Timberline (Boise)
11/14 Girls Basketball  Blackfoot vs Thunder Ridge
11/13 Girls Basketball  New Plymouth -vs- Fruitland JV-B

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5A Classification

5A District 5-6 Conference

  logo Highland (Poc)0000000.000.000.00
  logo Madison0000000.000.000.00
  logo Rigby0000000.000.000.00
  logo Thunder Ridge0000000.000.000.00

5A Inland Empire League

  logo Coeur d'Alene0000000.000.000.00
  logo Lake City0000000.000.000.00
  logo Lewiston0000000.000.000.00
  logo Post Falls0000000.000.000.00

5A Southern Idaho Conference

  logo Boise0000000.000.000.00
  logo Borah0000000.000.000.00
  logo Capital0000000.000.000.00
  logo Centennial0000000.000.000.00
  logo Eagle0000000.000.000.00
  logo Meridian0000000.000.000.00
  logo Mountain View0000000.000.000.00
  logo Rocky Mountain0000000.000.000.00
  logo Skyview0000000.000.000.00
  logo Timberline (Boise)0000000.000.000.00

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