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11/23 Football  District 3 11-Man Shrine Game
11/23 Football  District 3 8-Man Shrine Game

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11/17 Football  Bishop Kelly vs Hillcrest
11/17 Football  Homedale vs Sugar-Salem
11/17 Football  Bishop Kelly vs Hillcrest
11/17 Girls Basketball  Lake City vs Mountain View
11/17 Girls Basketball  Twin Falls vs Ridgevue
11/17 Football  Highland (Poc) vs Rocky Mountain
11/17 Football  Highland (Poc) vs Rocky Mountain
11/16 Football  North Fremont vs Declo
11/16 Football  North Fremont vs Declo
11/16 Football  Valley vs Oakley
11/16 Football  Valley vs Oakley
11/15 Football  Carey vs Lighthouse Christian
11/15 Girls Basketball  Eagle vs Timberline (Boise)
11/14 Girls Basketball  Blackfoot vs Thunder Ridge
11/13 Girls Basketball  New Plymouth -vs- Fruitland JV-B

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5A Classification

5A District 5-6 Conference

  logo Madison50117215.451.254.20
  logo Highland (Poc)41113613.801.402.40
  logo Thunder Ridge14131021.134.20-3.07
  logo Rigby05131221.004.24-3.24

5A Inland Empire League

  logo Lake City60015304.390.893.50
  logo Coeur d'Alene4208713.631.632.00
  logo Lewiston1414911.572.71-1.14
  logo Post Falls05131110.605.13-4.53

5A Southern Idaho Conference

  logo Boise72018403.180.592.59
  logo Rocky Mountain72015322.900.902.00
  logo Eagle63011902.151.600.55
  logo Borah5229752.101.101.00
  logo Centennial5318821.561.280.28
  logo Timberline (Boise)42311742.141.001.14
  logo Mountain View4329531.820.761.06
  logo Skyview27041301.123.53-2.41
  logo Capital18021400.635.63-5.00
  logo Meridian09011400.603.40-2.80

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