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2/21 Boys Basketball  Melba vs McCall-Donnelly
2/21 Boys Basketball  Challis vs Grace
2/21 Boys Basketball  Marsing vs Cole Valley Christian
2/22 Boys Basketball  Borah vs Rocky Mountain
2/28 Boys Basketball  North Fremont vs Declo
2/28 Boys Basketball  Mackay vs Lighthouse Christian
2/28 Boys Basketball  Snake River vs Fruitland

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2/20 Boys Basketball  Buhl vs Kimberly
2/19 Boys Basketball  Homedale vs Weiser
2/19 Boys Basketball  Parma vs Fruitland
2/18 Boys Basketball  Marsh Valley vs Snake River
2/16 Wrestling  2AD3 District Semi-finals
2/16 Wrestling  5A District 3 Championships Round 4
2/16 Girls Basketball  Soda Springs vs Melba
2/16 Girls Basketball  Soda Springs vs Melba
2/16 Wrestling  2AD3 District Finals/Championships
2/16 Wrestling  5A District 3 Championships Placing Matches
2/16 Boys Basketball  Wood River vs Pocatello
2/16 Girls Basketball  Parma vs Sugar-Salem
2/16 Girls Basketball  Parma vs Sugar-Salem
2/16 Boys Basketball  Eagle vs Rocky Mountain
2/16 Boys Basketball  Homedale vs Fruitland

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5A Classification

5A District 5-6 Conference

  logo Highland (Poc)6001810050.9644.686.28
  logo Rigby420189050.4442.448.00
  logo Thunder Ridge150816041.0450.04-9.00
  logo Madison150617038.7443.00-4.26

5A Inland Empire League

  logo Lake City600224056.0440.0815.96
  logo Coeur d'Alene330811047.7449.74-2.00
  logo Post Falls240718041.8852.88-11.00
  logo Lewiston150913052.0055.82-3.82

5A Southern Idaho Conference

  logo Mountain View1800251060.5036.7323.77
  logo Eagle1440225057.9646.8111.15
  logo Boise1440188050.1942.237.96
  logo Timberline (Boise)1350197052.9244.318.61
  logo Meridian9901514047.1745.691.48
  logo Rocky Mountain9901213049.8448.441.40
  logo Borah5130716042.4849.48-7.00
  logo Centennial4140616046.8257.82-11.00
  logo Capital4140618030.3345.21-14.88
  logo Skyview0180220037.5055.64-18.14

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