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3/1 Boys Basketball  Bishop Kelly vs Hillcrest
3/1 Boys Basketball  Declo vs Firth
3/1 Boys Basketball  Eagle vs Lake City
3/1 Boys Basketball  Filer vs Kimberly
3/1 Boys Basketball  Garden Valley vs Kendrick
3/1 Boys Basketball  Liberty Charter vs Valley
3/1 Boys Basketball  Clark Fork vs Rockland
3/1 Boys Basketball  Cole Valley Christian vs West Side
3/1 Boys Basketball  Lapwai vs Butte County
3/1 Boys Basketball  Owyhee vs Madison
3/1 Boys Basketball  Sandpoint vs Twin Falls
3/1 Boys Basketball  Snake River vs Teton
3/1 Boys Basketball  Lakeside vs Potlatch
3/1 Boys Basketball  Marsh Valley vs Bonners Ferry
3/1 Boys Basketball  Minico vs Blackfoot

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2/24 Wrestling  State Wrestling Tournament Boys 3A 1st session
2/24 Wrestling  2A State Wrestling 3-4 and 5-6 Placings
2/24 Wrestling  3A 3rd-4th & 5th-6th Matches
2/24 Wrestling  4A 3rd-4th & 5th-6th Place Matches
2/24 Wrestling  State Wrestling Tournament girls finals and awards
2/24 Wrestling  2A State Wrestling Championship
2/24 Wrestling  3A Finals (113, 120, 126)
2/24 Wrestling  4A State Finals (98' 106, 132 Thru 285)
2/24 Wrestling  5A State Wrestling Championship
2/24 Cheer & Dance  State Cheer Championships - American Falls
2/24 Cheer & Dance  State Cheer Championships - Highland
2/24 Cheer & Dance  State Cheer Championships - Oakley
2/24 Cheer & Dance  State Cheer Championships - Orofino
2/24 Cheer & Dance  State Dance Championships - Thunder Ridge
2/24 Cheer & Dance  State Cheer Championships - Middleton

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23-24Boys BasketballClark Fork vs Camas County2/29/202402:00 PMAudio WATCH BUY
23-24Boys BasketballHomedale vs Snake River2/29/202402:00 PMAudio WATCH BUY
23-24Boys BasketballMiddleton vs Owyhee2/29/202402:00 PMAudio WATCH BUY
23-24Boys BasketballSandpoint vs Pocatello2/29/202402:00 PMAudio WATCH BUY
23-24Boys BasketballSt. Maries vs Cole Valley Christian2/29/202402:00 PMAudio WATCH BUY
23-24Boys BasketballVictory Charter vs Lapwai2/29/202402:00 PMAudio WATCH BUY
23-24Boys BasketballBlackfoot vs Hillcrest2/29/202405:00 PMAudio WATCH BUY
23-24Boys BasketballDeary vs Kendrick2/29/202405:00 PMAudio WATCH BUY
23-24Boys BasketballFirth vs Ambrose2/29/202405:00 PMAudio WATCH BUY
23-24Boys BasketballKimberly vs Bonners Ferry2/29/202405:00 PMAudio WATCH BUY
23-24Boys BasketballLake City vs Coeur d'Alene2/29/202405:00 PMAudio WATCH BUY
23-24Boys BasketballValley vs Potlatch2/29/202405:00 PMAudio WATCH BUY
23-24Boys BasketballDeclo vs Nampa Christian2/29/202407:00 PMAudio WATCH BUY
23-24Boys BasketballEagle vs Timberline (Boise)2/29/202407:00 PMAudio WATCH BUY
23-24Boys BasketballLiberty Charter vs Lakeside2/29/202407:00 PMAudio WATCH BUY
23-24Boys BasketballMarsh Valley vs Filer2/29/202407:00 PMAudio WATCH BUY
23-24Boys BasketballMinico vs Bishop Kelly2/29/202407:00 PMAudio WATCH BUY
23-24Boys BasketballWatersprings vs Garden Valley2/29/202407:00 PMAudio WATCH BUY
23-24Boys BasketballCapital vs Madison2/29/202412:00 PMAudio WATCH BUY
23-24Boys BasketballCascade vs Rockland2/29/202412:00 PMAudio WATCH BUY
23-24Boys BasketballOakley vs Butte County2/29/202412:00 PMAudio WATCH BUY
23-24Boys BasketballTeton vs McCall-Donnelly2/29/202412:00 PMAudio WATCH BUY
23-24Boys BasketballTwin Falls vs Ridgevue2/29/202412:00 PMAudio WATCH BUY
23-24Boys BasketballWest Side vs North Fremont2/29/202412:00 PMAudio WATCH BUY
23-24Boys Basketball2024 Boys State Basketball Preview Show2/27/202407:00 PMVideo WATCH
23-24Girls BasketballNorth Fremont vs Bear Lake2/17/202401:40 PMAudio WATCH BUY
23-24Girls BasketballSnake River vs Teton2/17/202403:50 PMAudio WATCH BUY
23-24Girls BasketballSkyline vs Shelley2/17/202406:00 PMAudio WATCH BUY
23-24Girls BasketballCoeur d'Alene vs Lake City2/17/202408:00 PMAudio WATCH BUY
23-24Girls BasketballKendrick vs Dietrich2/17/202409:30 AMAudio WATCH BUY
23-24Girls BasketballFiler vs Fruitland2/17/202410:00 AMAudio WATCH BUY
23-24Girls BasketballJerome vs Bishop Kelly2/17/202410:00 AMAudio WATCH BUY
23-24Girls BasketballOwyhee vs Rocky Mountain2/17/202410:00 AMAudio WATCH BUY
23-24Girls BasketballRockland vs Salmon River2/17/202410:00 AMAudio WATCH BUY
23-24Girls BasketballSoda Springs vs Melba2/17/202410:00 AMAudio WATCH BUY
23-24Girls BasketballValley vs Murtaugh2/17/202410:00 AMAudio WATCH BUY
23-24Girls BasketballLapwai vs Grace2/17/202411:30 AMAudio WATCH BUY
23-24Girls BasketballCole Valley Christian vs Grangeville2/17/202412:00 PMAudio WATCH BUY
23-24Girls BasketballDeary vs Council2/17/202412:00 PMAudio WATCH BUY
23-24Girls BasketballLakeland vs Pocatello2/17/202412:00 PMAudio WATCH BUY

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