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1/23 Boys Basketball  American Falls vs Aberdeen
1/24 Girls Basketball  Firth vs Ririe
1/24 Boys Basketball  Vallivue vs Emmett
1/24 Boys Basketball  West Side vs Marsh Valley
1/25 Girls Basketball  Garden Valley vs Council
1/25 Boys Basketball  Garden Valley vs Council
1/25 Boys Basketball  Payette vs Fruitland
1/25 Boys Basketball  Sugar-Salem vs South Fremont
1/26 Girls Basketball  Horseshoe Bend vs Notus
1/26 Girls Basketball  Bear Lake vs Aberdeen
1/26 Boys Basketball  Burley vs Rigby
1/26 Boys Basketball  Horseshoe Bend vs Notus
1/26 Girls Basketball  Parma vs Homedale
1/26 Boys Basketball  Skyview vs Bishop Kelly
1/27 Boys Basketball  Parma vs Fruitland
1/31 Boys Basketball  Madison vs Rigby
1/31 Boys Basketball  Preston vs Century
2/2 Boys Basketball  Challis vs Grace
2/2 Boys Basketball  Mountain View vs Meridian
2/2 Boys Basketball  Skyline vs Blackfoot
2/2 Boys Basketball  Weiser vs Fruitland
2/3 Boys Basketball  Dietrich vs Rockland
2/7 Boys Basketball  Firth vs Ririe
2/7 Boys Basketball  Homedale vs Fruitland
2/8 Boys Basketball  Boise vs Mountain View

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1/20 Girls Basketball  JV Buhl vs Canyon Ridge
1/20 Girls Basketball  Kellogg vs St. Maries
1/20 Girls Basketball  Buhl vs Canyon Ridge
1/20 Boys Basketball  Kellogg vs St. Maries
1/20 Girls Basketball  Fresh Buhl vs Canyon Ridge
1/19 Boys Basketball  New Plymouth -vs- McCall JV & JV-B
1/19 Girls Basketball  Post Falls vs Lake City
1/19 Girls Basketball  Ambrose vs Riverstone
1/19 Boys Basketball  Raft River vs Murtaugh
1/19 Boys Basketball  Gooding vs Kimberly
1/19 Boys Basketball  Ambrose vs Riverstone
1/18 Girls Basketball  JV Kimberly vs Gooding
1/18 Girls Basketball  Twin Falls vs. Burley JV
1/18 Boys Basketball  Potlatch vs St. Maries
1/18 Girls Basketball  Emmett vs Bishop Kelly
1/18 Girls Basketball  Twin Falls vs Burley
1/18 Girls Basketball  Kimberly vs Gooding
1/16 Boys Basketball  New Plymouth -vs- Ontario -JV-
1/16 Girls Basketball  Minico JV vs Twin Falls JV
1/16 Girls Basketball  Minico vs Twin Falls
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17-18Boys BasketballAmerican Falls vs Aberdeen1/23/201807:00 PMVideo Play Webcast
17-18Girls BasketballFirth vs Ririe1/24/201807:30 PMVideo Play Webcast
17-18Boys BasketballVallivue vs Emmett1/24/201807:30 PMVideo Play Webcast
17-18Boys BasketballWest Side vs Marsh Valley1/24/201807:30 PMVideo Play Webcast
17-18Girls BasketballGarden Valley vs Council1/25/201806:00 PMVideo Play Webcast
17-18Boys BasketballGarden Valley vs Council1/25/201807:30 PMVideo Play Webcast
17-18Boys BasketballPayette vs Fruitland1/25/201807:30 PMVideo Play Webcast
17-18Boys BasketballSugar-Salem vs South Fremont1/25/201807:30 PMVideo Play Webcast
17-18Girls BasketballHorseshoe Bend vs Notus1/26/201806:00 PMVideo Play Webcast
17-18Girls BasketballBear Lake vs Aberdeen1/26/201807:00 PMVideo Play Webcast
17-18Boys BasketballBurley vs Rigby1/26/201807:30 PMVideo Play Webcast
17-18Boys BasketballHorseshoe Bend vs Notus1/26/201807:30 PMVideo Play Webcast
17-18Girls BasketballParma vs Homedale1/26/201807:30 PMVideo Play Webcast
17-18Boys BasketballSkyview vs Bishop Kelly1/26/201807:30 PMVideo Play Webcast
17-18Boys BasketballParma vs Fruitland1/27/201805:00 PMVideo Play Webcast
17-18Boys BasketballMadison vs Rigby1/31/201807:30 PMVideo Play Webcast
17-18Boys BasketballPreston vs Century1/31/201807:30 PMVideo Play Webcast
17-18Boys BasketballChallis vs Grace2/2/201807:00 PMVideo Play Webcast
17-18Boys BasketballMountain View vs Meridian2/2/201807:30 PMVideo Play Webcast
17-18Boys BasketballSkyline vs Blackfoot2/2/201807:30 PMVideo Play Webcast
17-18Boys BasketballWeiser vs Fruitland2/2/201807:30 PMVideo Play Webcast
17-18Boys BasketballDietrich vs Rockland2/3/201803:30 PMVideo Play Webcast
17-18Boys BasketballFirth vs Ririe2/7/201807:30 PMVideo Play Webcast
17-18Boys BasketballHomedale vs Fruitland2/7/201807:30 PMVideo Play Webcast
17-18Boys BasketballBoise vs Mountain View2/8/201807:30 PMVideo Play Webcast
17-18Boys BasketballSugar-Salem vs Shelley2/9/201807:30 PMVideo Play Webcast
17-18Boys BasketballVallivue vs Skyview2/9/201807:30 PMVideo Play Webcast
17-18Boys BasketballBear Lake vs Aberdeen2/10/201807:00 PMVideo Play Webcast

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