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1/30 Boys Basketball  Council vs Garden Valley
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Paul Picks - Girls State Tournament Quarter Finals
The only state tournament game picks that are guaranteed to be 100% accurate 27% of the time. First up, all 24 games of the Girls Real Dairy Shoot Out Quarter Finals!
Published: 2/16/2015 8:22:34 PM

Paul’s Picks – 2015 Girls Real Dairy Shoot Out State Tournament Edition!

This weekend there are going to be 66 state tournament games. Every game will have a winner - and every game a loser. I dusted off the old Crystal Ball and reached deep in to the nether regions of the cosmos to bring you another round of Paul's Picks!

5A – Ford Idaho Center

1. Centennial over Rocky Mt  38-27

2. Mt View over Hillcrest 52-45

3. Lewiston over Eagle 58-38

4. Boise over Highland 46-40

4A – Timberline High School

1. Twin Falls over Rigby 44-34

2. Bishop Kelly over Skyview  45-38

3. Kuna over Sandpoint 32-29

4. Century over Minico 53-38

3A – Skyview High School

1. Timberlake over Fruitland 35-30

2. Filer over Priest River 43-35

3. Sugar-Salem over Homedale 55-40

4. Shelley over Marsh Valley 58-42

2A – Bishop Kelly High School

1. New Plymouth over Soda Springs 35-30

2. Wendell over Grangeville 54-41

3. Ririe over Marsing 60-45

4. Firth over Cole Valley 58-55

1AD1 – Columbia High School

1. Raft River over Genesee 45-40

2. Lapwai over Idaho City 65-38

3. Oakley over Challis 54-48

4. Prairie over Liberty Charter 52-46

1AD2 – Nampa High School

1. Dietrich over Lakeside 56-45

2. Council over Castleford 49-40

3. Mackay over Tri-Valley 34-28

4. Richfield over Nezperce 56-52

There's nothing I like more than getting hammered by YOU about my picks. Agree? Disagree? Let me have it in the comments below!

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