Over 135,000 Viewers Watch State Baseball Live And Free

All 47 games were covered on IdahoSports.com across eight locations in three days.

By: Sven Alskog
Published: 5/20/2019 10:08:31 AM

Each year we enjoy having the opportunity to see the top talent in the state during one weekend in May for the state baseball tournament. This year the weather expanded the number of locations from five to eight, but despite that, every game was still able to be covered on IdahoSports.com thanks to Gary Jones, Clay Hatfield and Erik Wisenor stepping up and covering the new locations.

We are excited to announce that 135,198 viewers watched the 47 games live and free this past weekend. We hope you enjoyed being able to follow your team from wherever you were.

Our top ten viewed games are listed below.

1) Idaho Falls vs. Twin Falls (7,020 viewers)
2) Capital vs. Mountain View (6,303 viewers)
3) Nampa Christian vs. Declo (5,721 viewers)
4) Melba vs. Declo (5,415 viewers)
5) Idaho Falls vs. Bonneville (5,202 viewers)
6) Capital vs. Highland (4,794 viewers)
7) Challis-Mackay vs. Melba (4,383 viewers)
8) South Fremont vs. Marsh Valley (4,191 viewers)
9) Sugar-Salem vs. Marsh Valley (4,077 viewers)
10) Burley vs. Bishop Kelly (3,858 viewers)


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