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Daylytes Looks to Change How Athletes Share Highlights
Starting with the 5A & 4A SIC, Daylytes is gearing up to be statewide in the coming months.
Published: 9/11/2019 3:54:36 PM

(To download the Daylytes app, visit the iOS Store or Google Play Store.)

In an early September match, Timberline’s Katelyn Alcorn lined up for a free kick from her own side of the field. As the Timberline girls soccer team attempted to knock off undefeated Boise, Alcorn sent the kick flying across the field, bending the ball just inside the Brave goal post for the score. 

It was a play that — when discussed online or in the newspaper — wouldn’t seem as miraculous or impressive. But the Boise highlight, which was found on the Daylytes app just moments after the goal, painted a clearer picture. 

The highlight is just one of hundreds that can be found on Daylytes, an app tailored for high school athletes and fans.


Founded by Tom Bleymaier, son of former Boise State Athletic Director Gene Bleymaier, Daylytes aims to cultivate an online community within high school athletics. While the app currently focuses only on the 5A and 4A Southern Idaho Conferences, Bleymaier said it will soon expand to include every high school in the state. 

“There are cross country teams and JV volleyball players that deserve the spotlight and have earned the spotlight,” Bleymaier said. “We want people to think of Daylytes as a place where they can give the spotlight to someone with a shoutout, or post a hustle play that currently doesn't have a place on other sports apps."

In addition to a steady stream of video highlights, Bleymaier said he and his team keep a watchful eye on former Treasure Valley prep athletes competing at the collegiate level. 

“Daylytes knows where all 700+ athletes from Idaho are playing in college, from D1 through NAIA, and aggregates any news, tweets, stat lines or interviews on the web about those players,” Bleymaier said. “This past weekend there were over 150 posts in Daylytes related to Treasure Valley alums playing fall sports.”

Bleymaier said friends and family members of Treasure Valley prep graduates can find valuable stats on the platform, no matter how small. Bleymaier said while a small play — one catch for a couple yards, for instance — might not ever be mentioned by other media outlets, the Daylytes team will make sure those types of stats are gathered.

“I remember 30 friends and family gathering at 10 a.m. on Saturdays at the one bar with the right satellite channel to watch my brother’s college games at Delaware, just because of that personal connection,” he said. “And when I was playing at Cornell, I’d have hundreds of former teammates, coaches, rivals, teachers from Boise who wanted to know how things were going. The personal connection brings people together.”

Bleymaier said the app can also be used to connect athletes who may be missing their friends' games due to their own athletic commitments. 

“We want them to use it to stay up to speed with the performances of other sports to support each other across all the school’s teams,” he said.

To download Daylytes, visit the iOS Store or Google Play Store.


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