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Statewide Team & Individual Wrestling Rankings
Wrestling rankings are coming back to Are you qualified to be on the Rankings Crew?
Published: 12/12/2019 2:06:22 PM


Some of you might remember the days when was the place to go for high school wrestling information in Idaho. It got to be too much to run both websites every winter, so we had to pack it in. coming on the scene at around the same time really helped out as well. 

We think it is time to bring back what everyone has been asking for - rankings. 

Coaches Poll
Each week, we will be publishing a statewide coaches poll. Coaches will be asked to vote every week the top five teams in every classification. The wrestling coaches poll will be released every Thursday, with the inaugural poll scheduled to be released Dec. 19. 

Individual Rankings
The ever popular (and always controversial) individual rankings are coming back every Thursday until the week before the state tournament (Feb. 28-29). The first release date is scheduled for Jan. 2. We decided to go old-school with these and put together what we used to call "The Rankings Crew". The crew will be made up of experts in specific classifications from around the state who will ranking the top 6 wrestlers and teams in each classification. 

Join The Rankings Crew

1. Integrity - The Rankings Crew is unbiased above all else. We get that living in certain parts of the state will give you a natural bias towards certain schools and kids. However, when it comes to ranking them against kids from other parts of the state, you have to be able to look at every kid equally. If there is ever a hint of obvious bias in the rankings, that crew member will be replaced. 

2. Knowledge - You have to be a wrestling junkie. A TrackWrestling addict. You have to have statewide knowledge of wrestlers and teams. You have to know who beat who, when and where, and who beat that kid and when and where. You get the point. 

3. Time - We have to be able to rely on you each and every week. No calling in sick if you are on the Rankings Crew.

4. Willing to be anonymous. Check the ego at the door. We don't publish the identities of the Rankings Crew for obvious reasons.

Available Classifications: 5A & 2A/1A
If you think you have what it takes to be part of the best Rankings Crew in Idaho, we'd love to hear from you! Email me directly at Include your qualifications!

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