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State Football Semi Final Overview
Here we are....the semis. The games that determine who plays for the championships. I gave you my run down last week and, as promised, here it is again. Don't forget to leave your own take on things in the comments section.
Published: 11/11/2010 10:51:10 AM


I went 4-0 with last week’s predictions, but this week is going to be a lot harder. I guess it is supposed to be when it gets to this stage of the game though.
Coeur d’Alene and Capital – the two best teams in the state going at it for the chance to place for the state championship. Gotta love that. The long drive is always an issue, even when you say it isn’t. I just don’t see Capital losing this year. Of course I said that last year before the state championship game too….

Not counting CDA, who handed Rocky Mountain their only loss of the season, Centennial was the only team to keep it close by only losing 16-13 in mid-October. This upstart Grizzly team is good – very good. Look for them to face off against Capital on Championship Saturday in Boise.

Capital over Coeur d’Alene 34-27
Rocky Mountain vs Centennial 44-32

Last Week’s Predictions (actual results in parentheses)
Capital over Vallivue 34-17 (Capital over Vallivue 40-0)
CDA over Lake City 18-14 (CDA over Lake City 45-13)
Centennial over Highland 26-14 (Centennial over Highland 39-27)
Rocky Mt over Eagle 35-24 (Rocky Mt over Eagle 70-42)

Well lookie there. The top four teams in the 4A Power Rankings are in the Semi Finals. Who says computers can’t pick ‘em? I just don’t see Skyview getting past Blackfoot Friday night, but you have to remember back to October 1st when the Hawks barely lost to #1 Bishop Kelly (AT BK) 15-13. They just might have it in them.

Shelley is going to have all they can handle and in a big way when they play Bishop Kelly. The Knights aren’t impressed with the Russet’s shiny blue 3A state championship they won last year. If Shelley wants to impress the 4A crowd they need to show up and play tough and walk out of there with a win. I was the only media guy who voted Shelley #1 the first three weeks of the season. I am hoping they can make me look really smart on Saturday.

Blackfoot over Skyview 26-24
Shelley over Bishop Kelly 35-30

Last Week’s Predictions (actual results in parentheses)
Preston over Blackfoot 35-28 (Blackfoot over Preston 35-7)
Skyview over Sandpoint 35-17 (Skyview over Sandpoint 33-0)
Bishop Kelly over Pocatello 45-36 (BK over Poky 27-17)
Shelley over Middleton 30-20 (Shelley over Middleton 23-0)

Snake River played spoiler last week by knocking off Sugar-Salem, the one team people thought might be able to put up a fight against Fruitland this year, by a score of 14-12. Friday night they go up against a very tough Kimberly team and they have to win that game to prove their last win wasn’t a fluke. I think they can do it. The problem is that their prize will more than likely be an undefeated Fruitland team that has looked completely unstoppable in the playoffs. Weiser lost to Fruitland in the regular season 35-7, but I have a feeling the Wolverines are going to make it a little closer this week. They will put up a good fight but, in the end, Fruitland will be trying to avenge two title losses in a row next weekend.  
Fruitland over Weiser 45-30
Snake River over Kimberly 24-17

Last Week’s Predictions (actual results in parentheses)
Weiser over Timberlake 38-17 (Wesier over Timberlake 37-7)
Fruitland over Bonners Ferry 48-12 (Fruitland over BF 54-8)
Sugar-Salem over Snake River - 21-17 (Snake River over Sugar-Salem 14-12)
Kimberly over South Fremont – 28-21 (Kimberly over South Fremont 28-26)

This semi-final couldn’t have turned out better. #1, #2, #3 and #4 in the state. They have to get through each other to play in the big dance next weekend. Malad has to travel to Pilgrim country where the locals won’t be asking them to stay for Thanksgiving dinner. It will be the Dragons’ toughest challenge yet, and one they’d better not try to look past.

On the other hand, New Plymouth’s defense had better be saying their prayers and taking their vitamins like good little Hulksters if they want to have any chance of containing Malad’s running attack. Did I mention that New Plymouth beat Malad in 1993 for the A-3 boys state championship 57-55? Just thought I’d throw that in there.

Declo is still hungry from last year’s loss in the championship game but they have to get through a tough band of West Side Pirates to get there again. This is going to be a great game down to the finish.

Malad over New Plymouth 45-35
West Side over Declo 35-28

Last Week’s Predictions (actual results in parentheses)
New Plymouth over Kamiah - 26-14 (NP over Kamiah 41-14)
Malad over Butte County – 52-21 (Malad over Butte County 42-8)
Nampa Christian over Declo – 42-38 (Declo over NC  30-28)
West Side over Aberdeen – 24-16 (West Side over Aberdeen 28-10)

I am driving to Pocatello in two hours to broadcast Hagerman vs Grace and Carey vs Castleford. I am late and don’t have time to write anything for the 1A divisions, but here are my predictions. I promise I’ll make up for it next week!

Grace over Hagerman 48-42
Prairie over Troy 54-46

Last Week’s Predictions (actual results in parentheses)
Hagerman over Rimrock - 50-30 (Hagerman over Rimrock 63-30)
Notus over Grace – 60-14 (Grace over Notus 52-48)
Prairie over Wallace – 50-48 (Prairie over Wallace 26-16)
Troy over Potlatch – 55-12 (Troy over Potlatch 20-14)

Carey over Castleford 46-44
Salmon River over Garden Valley 48-46

Last Week’s Predictions (actual results in parentheses)
Carey over Rockland 48-38 (Carey over Rockland 46-0)
Castleford over Dietrich 60-21 (Castleford over Dietrich 46-0)
Garden Valley over Kootenai  - 46-28 (Garden Valley over Kootenai 48-0)
Salmon River over Mackay – 58-8 (Salmon River over Mackay 46-0)

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