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State Volleyball Brackets, Information and Fun Facts
State Soccer is now in the books, so it is time to move on to State Volleyball. I put together some quick links to tournament information like brackets and times, information on live web casts and a few other things I found interesting.
Published: 10/27/2013 12:55:54 PM

State Volleyball Brackets are now online! We will be updating the brackets during the tournament. will be web casting the 5A, 4A and 3A Saturday matches. Dick Haugen, Troy Oppie and myself will be on the call for those games. I am working on possibly adding the 2A Saturday games from Lakeland too. (see below why) Keep an eye on the GameStreams Broadcast Schedule later in the week to see if we are able to add them

While I was getting them up this morning, I noticed a few things that were interesting. I dusted off the trusty calculator, and unless my math is wrong, here are a few fun-facts about state volleyball this weekend. Not saying they are good facts. Not saying they are bad facts. I'm just saying they are facts.

State volleyball is being held in district 1 & 2 this year. 10 of the 48 teams playing in the state tournament are in district 1-2.

5A - 2 (Lake City, Lewiston)
4A - 1 (Sandpoint)
3A - 1 (Priest River)
2A - 1 (Orofino which is still 170 miles from Rathdrum)
1AD1 - 3 (Genesee, Troy, Wallace)
1AD2 - 2 (Kendrick, Nezperce)

Total combined driving miles, one way, for teams outside of D1-2 playing in the tournament

5A - Held in CDA
2,750 miles

4A - Held in CDA
3,060 miles

3A - Held in CDA
3,400 miles

2A - Held in Rathdrum (Lakeland HS)
3,581 miles

1AD1 - - Held in Lewiston
1,770 miles

1AD2 - Held in Lewiston
1,975 miles

Malad has to drive over 600 miles to get to their state tournament at Lakeland HS. Las Vegas, NV is closer to Malad than Rathdrum.

So, no matter if you are driving 2 miles or 600 miles to get to your tournament games this weekend, drive safe!

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