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A preview of some of the best match-ups this weekend
I decided to preview some of the best football games going on this weekend and give you my thoughts and opinions on the match-ups. This is going to be a great week of football!
Published: 9/20/2010 10:37:21 PM

Highland (1-3) vs Centennial (2-1) - I watched Highland defeat Notre Dame, Canada at the Rocky Mt Rumble a couple of weeks ago and they looked STRONG after losing their first two games of the year. Last Friday they lost to the defending state champions (Eagle) 51-50 in OT. Centennial is 2-1, with their only loss coming at the hooves of the Mustangs as well. 
My pick - Highland wins in a close one - 34-27

Coeur d'Alene (2-1) vs Sandpoint (2-1) - CDA has stayed in the rankings every week by winning big their first two games and then losing by two points to SkyView, Wa. last week. Sandpoint is looking to get back to the state title game again this year after losing to Blackfoot at the Kibbie Dome last November 29-23. This is a non-conference game, but both teams need the W, especially CDA as they host #2 ranked Rocky Mt the next week. 
My pick - CDA 28-18

Pocatello (3-0) vs Twin Falls (4-0) - I've seen both these teams play, albeit they were both early-season games, obviously. Twin Falls is 4-0 and Poky is 3-0, but the Indians have played a much tougher schedule so far. They are currently ranked #2 (TF) and #3 (Poky), but since this game is at Holt I am going to have to give Pocatello the nod in this one.
My pick - Pocatello 21-14

Blackfoot (2-1) vs Skyline (2-1) - The Grizzlies are still smarting after losing by 3 (26-23) to cross-town rival Idaho Falls in one of the biggest rivalry games in the county, The Emotion Bowl. Blackfoot has played a pretty cupcake schedule so far this season, but remember...they are the defending 4A state champions and always come to play. Skyline is going to be looking to release some of that pent-up frustration from last Friday night all over the Broncos.  My pick - Skyline 36-21

Parma (4-0) vs Weiser (2-2) - While the 2A WIC was glad to see Parma hit the road, the 3A SRV could be heard collectively groaning. While Parma won't have a chance to get a third 2A state championship in a row, something tells me a 3A state championship will be enough to console them. Weiser is a perennial power-house in the Western Treasure Valley though, so don't ever count them out of the running. My pick – Parma 28-16

American Falls (3-1) vs Sugar-Salem (2-1) - Both teams are ranked and both need a win to keep up the momentum as they head into conference play. American Falls has played a little easier schedule than Sugar-Salem, but i think they are both pretty evenly matched. Hard one to call.
My pick - Sugar-Salem 23-20

Grangeville (4-0) vs Kamiah (2-1) - Ahh..the Kubs. One of my favorite HS teams in the state. In their last two games they have outscored their opponents 101-0. They lost their first game 6-0. They have the offense to put up big numbers and the defense to hold their opponents down. However, the Bulldogs didn't get to be 4-0 by playing roll-over. They'll give Kamiah their best of the season so far, but it still won't be quite enough.  
My pick – Kamiah 40-28

Nampa Christian (1-2) vs Marsing (1-2) - There was a time you'd think I was trying to throw little humor into my blog. Not anymore. Marsing is working hard to stay a contender in the weaker-than-usual 2A WIC. Both teams have played, and lost to, former WIC rival Parma, but Nampa Christian didn't lose by as much, which has to count for something. 
My pick - Nampa Christian 17-12

Lakeside (2-1) vs Wallace (3-0) – These two North Star Conference foes are having good seasons so far. Lakeside’s only loss comes to conference rival Kootenai 40-36, but…Wallace beat Kootenai 62-16 during week two. On paper, Wallace should be expected to blow-out the Knights, but don’t hold your breath. I am picking this one to be my upset of the week. 
My pick – Lakeside 24-22 OT

Oakley (3-0) vs Shoshone (3-0) – Talk about a great game as the Indians host the Hornets. One teams walks away with a loss on their record and neither team is going to give an inch. Oakley is the reigning state champion though and that has to count for something. 
My pick - Oakley 66-54

Salmon River vs Council – Both schools have a long history of producing great athletes. With great athletes comes great responsibility and both programs have won their share of state titles over the years. Pride, and a spot towards the top of the Long Pin standings, is on the line Friday night. 
My pick – Salmon River 48-40

Garden Valley (4-0) vs Tri-Valley (2-2) – Tri-Valley is capable of putting up big numbers…unfortunately, they can also give up big numbers. Garden Valley seems to only be able to do the former. But…and that’s a big but…if the right Tri-Valley teams shows up to play the Wolverines Friday night it could make for an interesting score. My pick – Garden Valley 52-42

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