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3/3 Boys Basketball  Dietrich vs North Gem
3/3 Boys Basketball  Carey vs Garden Valley
3/4 Boys Basketball  Melba vs St. Maries
3/4 Boys Basketball  McCall-Donnelly vs Priest River
3/4 Boys Basketball  Middleton vs Jerome
3/4 Boys Basketball  Marsh Valley vs Kimberly

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2/27 Boys Basketball  Murtaugh vs Liberty Charter
2/27 Boys Basketball  Richfield vs Council
2/27 Wrestling  2A State Wrestling Championship Awards
2/27 Wrestling  2A Wrestling Championship Matches
2/27 Wrestling  3A State Wrestling Championship Awards
2/26 Wrestling  4A State Wrestling Championship Awards
2/26 Wrestling  5A State Wrestling Championship Awards
2/25 Boys Basketball  Marsing vs New Plymouth
2/25 Boys Basketball  Twin Falls vs Minico
2/24 Boys Basketball  Salmon River vs Council
2/24 Boys Basketball  Filer vs Kimberly
2/24 Boys Basketball  Cascade vs Garden Valley
2/23 Boys Basketball  Pocatello vs Century
2/22 Cheer & Dance  American Falls Fifth District Dance
2/22 Cheer & Dance  Bear Lake Fifth District Dance

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