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Mullan High School

School Info
Conference: 1AD2 District 1-2 White Star League
Classification: 1A D2

Head Coach: Stetson Spooner

Years as Head Coach: 4th year

Previous Experience: Coached at AA levels in MT while playing College Football 07-11

Record Last Year: 3-5

State Titles: ): State Champs 84’-85’

Assistant Coaches:
Dan Fritz/Asst. Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator

Who do you have coming back this year?
TJ Placencio #5 QB/RB/LB Senior / Dakota Dykes #15 DE/OL/TE / Cody Johnson #55 OL/DL / Austin Street #11 RB/WR/LB / Bryce Stepro #65 OL/DL / Phillip Walker #53 OL/DL / Mac Coumerilh #

Any Returning Players with Honors?
TJ Placencio #5 All League

Any “Key Players” that you lost from last year?
All 4 of our seniors will be missed Wyatt Sadler, Hunter Kotschevar, Tyler Henderson and Nic Hirsch…they brought different assets regarding leadership and also each brought something special to their position that only they could.

Do you have any new incoming “impact” players?
We have two new freshman coming up with outstanding natural athleticism. Sheldon Trogden WR/RB/DB freshman and Gryphon Todd Utility all around player also a freshman. With Mullan having no middle school program for years they have never played real tackle football but the uncoachables are there such as quickness, hand eye coordination, general understanding of the game and natural catching throwing abilities.
As a team, what are your offensive strengths?
We are returning guys on the Oline that understand the plays and how to finish blocks until they hear a whistle and are getting a couple kids as freshman that can do some good things in open space. Our team engine however will most likely be returning all league senior TJ Placencio who can do it all from throw, catch, run, tackle to block. Football has never been a one man game and TJ knows this but also he is ready to be that focal point of what we are trying to do.

Offensive areas you hope to improve on over last year:
FINISH!!! When we hit the redzone we have got to make it count. Last year with we left to many easy points on the board with fumbles or missed blocking assignments even a couple int’s. If we can eliminate those mistakes and put another td or two on the board per game we could be where we want to be.

As a team, what are your defensive strengths?
Our Middle LB TJ Placencio will be the QB of our defense and promote our mindset on that side of the ball which is WRAP UP…in this league wrapping up your tackle is so important. Arm tackles do not fly in this league. I think that our strength on defense will be toughness. I know that sounds a little cliché but its true…as long as we can remain mentally and physically tough then we will have opportunities to win games.

Defensive Areas you hope to improve on over last year:
Wrapping up can always be improved but along with that is trying to not give up the big plays as much. Now in 8 man ball the reality is that it’s going to happen but limiting those plays can allow us to do more of what we want.

Does your team have a motto/theme for the upcoming season?
We have a motto which is TEAM COMES FIRST which means what it says. Your team is most important from the end of Aug to beginning of Nov. Then we have a question that is constantly asked…Have you outworked your opponents today? Goes with conditioning to game time to in the classroom.

What are you most excited about in regards to this year’s team?
Seeing how the young guys coming in are going to react and attack the adversity that we will face and hopefully be able to watch them overcome it and be able to take that with them through their lives.

For the fans, what is the must-see game of the year on your schedule?
Oh boy, I hope they are all close competitive battles but I guess the Lakeside game if I had to pick one. The sportsmanship in football between us has been phenomenal and they are a well coached team. After getting them two years in a row now and last year us stealing the win with a last second kick return in one of the best football games I may ever be a part of and I’m sure them as well as us are hungry for another match up.

What is the ‘X-Factor’ to having success this season as a team?
Well for us nothing has changed, we need to stay healthy and united as a team. It’s very easy for someone to get hurt and fingers be pointed and everything fall apart. My job along with coach Fritz is to keep the ship afloat and move positively throughout the season.

If you could change one rule in high school football, what would it be?
I would say that I am a pretty big fan of how the game is played today and although as a coach disagreeing with calls is inevitable I have no desire to change game rules.

Besides the pay, the fame and the glory, why do you coach high school football?
I love this game! The exciting moments and the not so exciting moments and being able to help shape the future of students lives is as rewarding as it gets. When you coach you are getting a couple more hours a week to spend aiding in the success of those young people.

What makes your school the best place to coach for?
Hands down it’s the support of the community and its leaders. Everyone helps out at the drop of a hat and supports the players/coaches. In a little community like Mullan that’s how has to be to move forward and the folks here are pretty passionate and unless I’m not hearing whispering I think that the community likes me which means I like them. That’s just how I am I guess. There is a rich history in Mullan and it’s nice to try and be a part of.

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