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Kuna High School

School Info
Conference: 4A Southern Idaho Conference
Classification: 4A

Head Coach: Ian Smart

Years as Head Coach: 1st year

Previous Experience: 2 years D-line @ Bishop Kelly, 2 years @ Kuna 1 as D-line, 1 DC

Record Last Year: 7-3

Assistant Coaches:
Lew Chewmich, Charlie Malouf, Terrial Hall, Joe McCarthy, James Kidd, Adam Cobb, Matt and Chris Heindel, Spencer Trautman, Daniel Durrant

Who do you have coming back this year?
Jake Johnson 4, Ben Ruwe 8, Andrew Ware 29

Any “Key Players” that you lost from last year?
Spencer Trautman - RB, was the best player on the field most games.

Do you have any new incoming “impact” players?
Manny Medrano, RB, 12

Photo By: Loren Orr - #4 Jake Johnson
As a team, what are your offensive strengths?
Depth. We will have many great weapons. Jake Johnson, Ben Ruwe, Andrew Ware, Manny Medrano and Orrin Cleere. Focus will be on controling the line of scrimmage and get playmakers the ball.

Offensive areas you hope to improve on over last year:
Diversity. We want to be multiple.

As a team, what are your defensive strengths?
Tenacity. Jamison Tolbert, Camden Six and Kyler Ray. We want to be demons to the ball. Nothing will come easy.

Defensive Areas you hope to improve on over last year:
Create more turnovers.

Does your team have a motto/theme for the upcoming season?
Heart of a Warrior

What are you most excited about in regards to this year’s team?
Seeing our kids develop an attitude of a champion.

For the fans, what is the must-see game of the year on your schedule?
Emmett. It is the opener and will set the tone for our season.

What is the ‘X-Factor’ to having success this season as a team?
Staying together. We will succeed or fail because of our willingness to work as a team.

If you could change one rule in high school football, what would it be?
Allow cut blocking. I think it evens things out and helps stop teams who may just be more physically dominating.

Besides the pay, the fame and the glory, why do you coach high school football?
I love to help kids achieve their goals. And I love football.

What makes your school the best place to coach for?
The community. If you have been to a game in the past two years, you will know what I am talking about.

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