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1/26 Boys Basketball  Middleton vs Emmett
1/27 Boys Basketball  Bonneville vs Shelley
1/28 Girls Basketball  Tri-Valley vs Garden Valley
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1/28 Boys Basketball  Tri-Valley vs Garden Valley
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1/30 Boys Basketball  Council vs Garden Valley

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District 3 Winter Sports Preview
Check out the online version of the best high school sports preview magazine Idaho's ever seen.....
Published: 12/27/2010 5:12:29 PM
You might remember, back in 2008, we produced a printed fall sports preview. The response from the fans was VERY positive, but the sales half of the partnership didn't quite come through as agreed. Combine that with the fact the economy took a big ol' deuce right after, there was no way we could afford to keep doing printed preview magazines. Bad timing on our part I guess.

So, we tucked the idea away in our back pockets waiting for the right circumstances to start doing preview magazines again. A few weeks ago, we partnered up with CNS (Commercial Newspaper Services) out of Nampa. CNS is a one-stop shop for sports marketing at the high school, collegiate, or professional level. They provide sports calendars, programs, etc. for teams all over Idaho. It is a perfect fit for what we already do here at 

After solidifying the partnership with CNS, we decided to try and put out a printed winter sports preview this year. We decided to just do a district 3 winter sports preview because it was the easiest to put together in the limited amount of time we had. We aren't homering district 3. We aren't showing favoritism to the great "State of Ada". It was simple economics.

Rest assured though that this is merely our initial showcase piece, introducing much greater things to come. This Fall expect individual preview magazines for: Districts 1&2, District 3, District 4 and Districts 5&6. Four separate printed preview magazines highlighting individual teams and athletes like no other publication has ever done in Idaho. Even though only your area preview magazine will be distributed in your local area, don't worry - you will be able to read them all online, right here on you have it. The first in what will be a long line of Idaho high school sports preview magazines, featuring boys and girls basketball PLUS wrestling! -

The 2010 District 3 Winter Sports Preview Magazine

You can also pick up an actual copy of the preview magazine at the KBOI Channel 2 station office at 140 N. 16th Street in Boise.

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