Ramblin Man

BSU Football, a ban on jerseys, and golf at Scotch Pines.

By: Gary Jones
Published: 6/8/2015 12:09:22 PM

Did you see where BSU let season ticket holders buy as many tickets as they wanted for the upcoming football game against Washington?  Since this is the return of Chris Peterson, it is probably the most anticipated game of the season.  However, the avid Boise fan who can't afford season tickets is out of luck.  They may attend a couple games a year, spend lots of money on BSU gear, yet the Broncos put them on the back burner and basically said too bad so sad.  I guess they're trying to reward the loyal season ticket holders, but they are alienating some of their fan base at the same time. And how many of these tickets are going to be sold on line or scalped at the game?  My friend said he has seen one on line for $500, but I haven't confirmed that. I'm sorry, but this is wrong on all levels. The general public should have had a chance at Peterson’s return without paying outrageous prices which puts money in a season ticket holders’ wallet.  I am both a BSU and Vandal fan, but this makes me lean heavily towards the Vandals should they ever play again.  I guess I just like that inebriated culture of the Vandals that Kustra talked about years ago.  We may be inebriated, but we don’t stab our loyal fans in the back.

As the Stanley Cup Final began, I was rooting for Tampa Bay until I heard what their owner is doing.  In several sections at the Lightning home games, no one is allowed to wear an opposing teams’ jersey.  Yep, even if an 8 year old child who loves the Blackhawks will be asked to change his clothes.  OK, I’ll give you a month’s time for you to find just one other arena that has the same outrageously stupid policy.  Gary Bettman, the NHL commissioner, should step in and end this nonsense, but he apparently has no problem with it.  If the world is fair, the hockey Gods will see it that Chicago wins the next three games, and that 8 year old will have the last laugh.

I hope you are enjoying your summer.  Come out and golf at Scotch Pines golfcourse.  Our course is in great shape,and like idahosports.com’s CEO, Paul Kingsbury says, “No penalty stroke for a lost ball.  Losing a ball is penalty enough.”



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