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8/21 Football  Thunder Ridge vs Highland (Poc)
8/28 Football  Mt Crest HS, UT vs Bonneville
8/28 Football  Pocatello vs Madison
8/29 Football  Box Elder HS, UT vs Rigby
8/29 Football  Sky View HS, UT vs Highland (Poc)
9/4 Football  Thunder Ridge vs Skyline
9/11 Football  Caldwell vs Middleton
9/25 Football  Bonneville vs Skyline
10/2 Football  Bishop Kelly vs Middleton
10/10 Football  Idaho Falls vs Skyline
10/16 Football  Hillcrest vs Skyline
10/16 Football  Nampa vs Middleton

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3/7 Boys Basketball  North Fremont vs West Side
3/7 Boys Basketball  Sugar-Salem vs Kimberly
3/7 Boys Basketball  Sugar-Salem vs Kimberly
3/7 Boys Basketball  Sugar-Salem vs Kimberly
3/7 Boys Basketball  Moscow vs Preston
3/7 Boys Basketball  Moscow vs Preston
3/7 Boys Basketball  Borah vs Post Falls
3/7 Boys Basketball  Minico vs Idaho Falls
3/7 Boys Basketball  Kellogg vs Snake River
3/7 Boys Basketball  Kamiah vs Oakley
3/7 Boys Basketball  Lakeside vs Cascade
3/7 Boys Basketball  Lakeside vs Cascade
3/7 Boys Basketball  Rigby vs Meridian
3/7 Boys Basketball  Cole Valley Christian vs St. Maries
3/7 Boys Basketball  Filer vs Fruitland

Welcome to my blog
High School Sports are Back on
The 2018 season has arrived! Here's why it is so important to read the rule book before you go to the game.
Sportsmanship - One Person CAN Make A Difference
There is something more important than the game of basketball... it’s called the game of life.
The Total Solar Eclipse: August 21, 2017
I know this isn't about sports, but it is something you MUST plan on seeing!! And it's right here in Idaho.
Thank You Capital High
During the Boys Basketball Tourney, the Eagles were the host with the most!
Predicting The State Title Winners For Boys Basketball
After going 5 for 6 in the girls, I'm taking dead aim at the boys.
My Girls State Championship Predictions
Each year I take a shot at predicting the six state champions in basketball. The girls are up first so here goes nothing.
The 5A Boys State Basketball Awards
As the spring season begins, we present the awards from the 5A state boys' basketball tournament.
The 2016 5A Girls' State Basketball Awards
The trophies have been handed out, and it's time for our awards.
Ramblin Man
BSU Football, a ban on jerseys, and golf at Scotch Pines.
The 5A Boys Basketball Awards
Before we declare the official opening of golf season, it's time to bestow our awards on deserving teams and players.
The 5A Girls' State Basketball Awards
The 6 Champs have been crowned. Now it's time for our awards.
Why I Will Never Like District Play-offs
They don't always send the best teams, and its messes up the state seeding.
What Has Happened to Sportsmanship in this Country?
We have forgotten how to win and lose with class.
Ramblin' Man
Some small schools in Idaho that are flat out good; the reason Oregon lost; and The Famous Idaho Potato Bowl.
An Amazing Sports Complex
If you haven't seen Middleton's new high school and sports complex, you need to check it out.
Ramblin’ Man
The ridiculous FBS system, and Fruitland’s incredible accomplishment.
Hunting Season 2014
Since retirement in 2013, I have not blogged. It's time to get back in the saddle.
2014 Boys State Championship Awards
On Thursday and Friday, we watch the 5A teams, and then on Super Saturday we watch the six state title games. These awards are only based on the teams we saw at the Ford Idaho Center.
Picking the 6 Boys' State Basketball Champions
It's time for the Real Dairy Shootout on
2014 State Championship Awards
On Thursday and Friday, we watch the 5A teams, and then on Super Saturday we watch the six state title games. These awards are only based on the teams we saw at the Ford Idaho Center.
5A - 1AD2 Girls State Basketball Championship Picks
The Real Dairy Shootout is coming this weekend and besides my normal announcing duties at the 5A tournament, I have my annual predictions on the winners for each of the six divisions. Here goes……
Not Goodbye, So Long
Scots don’t like saying goodbye, and neither do I. And while today might be my last day teaching, I will still be a part of the family.
Wow! There's one day left in my career. Let's end with an athlete with tremendous integrity when few others had it.
The Countdown has dwindled down to 2, and for many LA fans like me, there can be only one #2.
Here's a huge clue for #3: Greatest Athlete from Idaho. Ever.
For #4. I'm going back to my college town, which is the finest town I have ever lived in. Period. CHICO!!
Whoops! I forgot #5 yesterday: Old Timers! To stay on track, #4 will be put up today, as well.
Two things today: #6 and a quick note about the commencement speech I gave at last Sunday at New Plymouth High.
Back to LA and the Dodgers for lucky #7.
For #8, I'm leaving my LA teams out of it and instead I'm going to one of my favorite players when I was a young boy.
We are going very old school for #9. Not many of you will even know this Dodger from a long time ago, but I do.
Ah, the perfect 10. And who might that be?
My favorite USC Trojan of all time!
Do you like the high 5? This player who wore #12 is credited with the very first high 5. Know who it is?
Lucky #13 belongs to an athlete who had an improbable ride from rags to riches. Read on to find out who he is.....
The player was, not only a Dodger for years, but he also led the Miracle Mets to their only World Series title in 1969, still considered to this day the most improbable championship in baseball history.
#15 comes from a former Dodger who has returned to the team this year as their first base coach. Know him?
Back to baseball and a Dodger who became an American hero for an action he did during a ball game. Read on to find out who he is......
For #17, I am not going to pick from any LA team. This guy's from the Dallas Cowboys, a team I never root for anymore.
This former QB for the Rams is my favorite #18
As we enter the teens, my tribute to 19 days left in my career goes to a player I admired when I was a young boy.
Today's athlete is a Hall of Fame pitcher for the Dodgers who had his number retired by the team. Know him?
The "Blackjack" number is from a USC Trojan and KC Chief from the 60's. Do you know who that is?
Today's pick is my all time favorite Dodger!
The Countdown Begins!
I came up with a little idea to help commemorate the final 25 days of my teaching career.
2013 Boys State Championship Awards
Glenn and I sit at the Idaho Center for the entire state tourney. On Thursday and Friday, we watch the 5A teams, and then on Super Saturday we watch the six state title games. These awards are only based on the teams we see at the Idaho Center.
Picking the Six State Champions In Boys' Basketball
The girls are done and now it's time for the Boys State Basketball Championships!!
The 2013 Girls' State Basketball Awards
These awards are too long for our blog page, so they will appear in more than one.
Picking the Six State Champions In Girls' Basketball
The tourney starts Thursday and here are my predictions of the winners.
The Crystal Goat: Part II
I found the large goat I had scouted and the hunt was on, but it didn't turn out to be as easy as I thought it would be.
The Crystal Goat: Part I
Our blog page will not allow long stories, so this hunting story will be in a few parts.
Baseball Got It Right
The Hall of Fame is not the Hall of Shame, not yet anyway.
The Belly Putter Dilemma
Should the USGA outlaw the belly putter? NO!!!!
Gun Control On Sunday Night Football
Did you see Bob Costas advocate gun control during halftime of Sunday Night Football?
TVCC Basketball Will Be On
Both the men and women's team will be webcast on Idaho's best sports website!
Picking the 6 Championship Football Games
It's time for all of us to pick the 6 state champs in football.
Ramblin' Man
The baseball playoffs, the NHL lockout, the grid iron game picks, and Jerry Sandusky.
Let Her Play With The Boys
Sierra Harr, a golfer at Castleford High, awaits the IHSAA’s crucial decision
The Shame of PED’s in Sports
If cheaters never prosper, than they don’t belong in the Hall of Fame.
The2012 Boys State Basketball Awards
It’s time for spring sports, but not before we hand out our awards...
Picking the 6 Boys' State Basketball Champions
It's time for the Boys' Real Dairy Shoot-out!!
The 2012 Girls' State Basketball Awards
The champions have all been crowned and now it's time for our awards.
Picking the Girls State Title Games
I am throwing my hat in the ring with my 6 title game picks. You can make yours, too, by commenting on this blog.
Hunting Season 2011 Comes To An End
We would have gone meatless this season, but my lovely wife filled her elk tag!
Ramblin' Man
The BSU/TCU game; Penn State; and the NCAA
Are You Ready For Some Football?
Now that Hank Williams Jr and his song are gone, I am really ready!!
O For Bow
I didn't fill my bow elk tag in 2011, but the hunting was awesome, as usual.
The Zac Brown Concert
If you didn't go, you missed the finest concert I have ever been to.
A Hunting We Will Go!!
All is right with the world when we can go hunting
Ramblin' Man
After taking a break due to blogging burnout, I'm back like a bad dream.
Picking the 6 Girl's State Basketball Champions
Here's your chance to pick the 6 winners, as well.
Chico Won the Super Bowl!!!
As my wife would say, "For reals! They really won it!"
The One Sport Athlete
When I was a kid, we played all the sports, but many kids today are sadly becoming a one sport athlete.
Repetitive League Names
Why do several different conferences in Idaho's high schools have the same name?
A Top Ten List
The top ten things I learned over the holidays watching football on TV
A value that is becoming lost in today's sports world.
Being a Blogger
The lessons I have learned from blogging....
Ramblin' Man
The Miami Heat, Monday Night Football, a question to answer, and the almighty NCAA.
Predicting the 6 State Title Games
Here are my picks;now you can submit yours.....
Is the BSU Idaho Rivalry Going to Die?
If we go with Chris Peterson's suggestion, the answer is yes.
Ramblin' Man
Assorted thoughts on the NFL cracking down on helmet hits, the World Series, pink paper, and hunting.
A Follow Up on Reggie Bush and the NCAA
Read this article from ESPN on two coaches who talk candidly about the NCAA and their rules.
Ramblin' Man
Some rambling thoughts on the Ryder Cup, the NFL, and BSU's blue turf.
LeBron James and the Race Card
Hey, LeBron, it may have been the way you left and not the color of your skin.
Reggie Bush vs the NCAA
Yes, Reggie took money, but the real monster here is the NCAA.
Another Second Chance
Derek Kovick is getting another chance at a wonderful life.
The Hunt is ON!!
Blessed is the Fall because that means hunting season is here!
Roger the Dodger
While Roger Clemens dodges the truth, his body is all the evidence I need to prove he is lying.
Back in the saddle again....
Well, here we go again. It’s the start of my 30th year at New Plymouth High School. With the retirement of a middle school PE teacher last year, I have now become the teacher with the most seniority in this school district. While it’s nice to have all that experience and respect that comes with longevity, it also means I’m older than dirt. I can retire with full benefits in two years, and believe me, the count down is on!
The 2010 Boy's State Basketball Webcast Awards
Before I list the awards, let me explain something that came up in the comments last year. Glenn and I sit at the Idaho Center for the entire state tourney. On Thursday and Friday, we watch the 5A teams, and then on Super Saturday we watch the six state title games. These awards are only based on the teams we see at the Idaho Center. There may be an awesome pep club, for instance, that did a great job but never made it to the Idaho Center. Since we never saw them, they could not be listed on this awards page. Some people don’t like the fact some teams or players are excluded, but our purpose for doing these awards is to give some teams and players some recognition and we can only recognize the teams and players we see. So, with that said, here goes……

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