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The 2016 5A Girls' State Basketball Awards
The trophies have been handed out, and it's time for our awards.
Published: 2/22/2016 1:04:48 PM



By Gary Jones and Glenn Jones


Things have changed at and for the better.  There was a time I did play by play for all 6 title games.  We have crews for every single division now, and I only announce for the 5A teams.  Each broadcaster that did the early games gets to do the title game now as it should be. Because I don’t see all the games at the Ford Idaho Center anymore, I am not going to list awards for all 6 divisions like I used to. I will stick to awarding the 5A teams only.  I will, however, continue to use all the teams at state for the coolest names and alliterate names.  Here goes……


5A State Champs:   Mountain View Mavericks (23-4)   62-50

The Mavericks hold the trophy in their hands for the second year in a row.  In two years they only lost twice to an Idaho team, the Boise Braves, who beat them once each year.  I’ve watched a lot of basketball in Idaho and, to me, Destiny Slocum is the best all-around basketball player I have ever seen in the Gem State. However, the Mavs were not just about Slocum.  They had plenty of very good players around her including Adriana Vickery, Abby Kreiser, Kayla Anderson, and Taeli Carrillo. This Mountain View team is in the argument for the best team of all time in Idaho Girls’ basketball.


There were two single performances I wanted to point out that many fans didn’t get to see.  On Saturday at Skyview High, Whitney Meier (Lake City) scored 34 pts and made 7 threes out of 12 attempts, just one shy of the record, and Mandy Simpson (Boise) scored 37 pts on 14 FGs and 9/10 from the charity stripe.


Runner-up:  Centennial Patriots  

3rd Place  Boise Braves  

Consolation  Lake City Timberwolves

Sportsmanship Lake City Timberwolves

Academic  Boise Braves  3.942 GPA




The All State Tournament Team (5A Only)

One requirement we have- we will pick at least one player from each of the 8 teams at state for this all state team.  Also, these picks are based on their play at the state tournament.  Some player may have an average regular season and then light it up at state to win a spot on this team.


MVP:  Destiny Slocum, Senior, Mountain ViewMavericks

The well named MVP, Destiny, wins this award for the second year in a row. She was very clearly the best player on the floor the last two years.  She will now get her chance with the Maryland Terrapins at the next level. Here are her stats from the tourney: 85 pts (new tournament record); 28.33 pts/game (new tournament record); 25/30 free throws 83%;  17 rebounds;  12 assists; 6 steals;  93 min 58 sec played out of 96 min. 


First Team

Mandy Simpson, Junior, Boise Braves

Tori Williams, Senior, Centennial Patriots

Lindsay Cook, Senior, Hillcrest Knights

Cassidy Tiegs, Junior, Eagle Mustangs

Whitney Meier, Senior, Lake City Timberwolves


Second team

Izzy Hadden, Senior, Boise Braves

Dominique Williams, Senior, Centennial Patriots

Janie King, Sophomore, Eagle Mustangs

Adriana Vickery, Junior, Mountain View Mavericks

Alyssa Bolt, Sophomore, Borah Lions


Honorable Mention

Makenna Baker, Freshman, Highland Rams

Nina Carlson, Senior, Lake City Timberwolves

Taeli, Carrillo, Junior, Mountain View Mavericks

Kiana Corpus, Junior, Borah Lions

Kailee Jones, Senior, Hillcrest Knights “Coolest Names” of the Entire Tournament

You can find out how many people in the U.S. have your name by clicking here.  There are lots of people named Gary Jones, but these cool names in the tourney are unique and that’s what we like about them.  We also have “Awesome Alliterations”.




First Team

Mya Darling, Sophomore, Sandpoint Bulldogs

Jet Taylor, Sophomore, Rigby Trojans

Heaven Campos, Sophomore, Caldwell Cougars

Paizley Guthrie, Sophomore, Ririe Bulldogs

Ace Hahs, Sophomore, Cole Valley Christian Chargers


Second Team

Xaelani Camacho, Junior, Borah Lions

Capriel Halliday, Sophomore, Lake City Timberwolves

Mazy Boyer, Senior, Kimberly Bulldogs

Glori Cheevers, Junior, Timberlake Tigers

Jalette Peterson, Freshman, West Jefferson Panthers


Honorable Mention

Jeorgi Kalisek, Senior, Valley Vikings

Aspen O’Brien, Senior, Rockland Bulldogs

Kia Pokibro, Junior, Highland Rams

Robi Salisbury, Senior, New Plymouth Pilgrims

Izzy Hadden, Senior, Boise Braves


Awesome Alliterations


First Team

Kendra Keller, Senior, Kimberly Bulldogs

Katherine Kaul, Sophomore, Sandpoint Bulldogs

Kristina Krogh, Freshman, Prairie Pirates

Sadi Sutton, Sophomore, Marsh Valley Eagles

Masie & Meara McManus, Junior & Freshman, Deary Mustangs


Second Team

Ally Adamson, Sophomore, Hillcrest Knights

Ayana Amaechi, Junior, Centennial Patriots

Rian Rawlings, Senior, Century Diamondbacks

Bailey Bean, Junior, Shelley Russets

Morgan Mitchell, Junior, Emmett Huskies


Honorable Mention

Brittney Buckner, Senior, Richfield Tigers

Brinkley Boyer, Freshman, Rockland Bulldogs

Jakobi Johnson, Senior, Valley Vikings

Kiya Kelsey, Sophomore, Wendell Trojans

Ahni Anderson, Senior, Grangeville Bulldogs Pep Club of the State Tournament:

It’s easier to cheer and have fun when your team is good and winning a lot of games.  With that in mind, I still have to give it up to the Mountain View Mavericks and their student pep section.  They’ve had a good team that has won two titles and it inspired them to show up in force, wear school colors, and cheer loudly for their beloved Lady Mavericks.  They even dressed up a cool mascot in the Maverick costume!  Congrats!!


The Mascots of the Tournament: Mascots are way cool and it’s good to see some schools that spend the money on an outfit and get a student to wear it.  We notice these mascots here at IdahoSports and we take note of them.  We have awarded it in the past to the Maverick from Mtn View, but this year it’s the cool mascot from Hillcrest, the Knight in red and black. I would love to wear that head gear someday.  Cecilia Hernandez rocked the costume very well. We did notice that the outfit had a skirt, which was very appropriate because she was supporting the Lady Knights.  A job well done, Cecilia!!


The Idahosports.comPep Band of the Tournament:  The Lake City Pep Band was awesome!  Their music was excellent with crisp sound and great timing playing together.  Like most great pep bands, they dressed up in school logos, and they have fun while playing. Well done, Lake City!!


Coolest Moment on Super Saturday:

There was one other significant moment I noticed and wanted to share.  At the end of the 1AD1 girls title game between Lapwai and Prairie, something very cool happened.  These girls play each other many times and they know each other well.  After Lapwai won, Coach Lori Mader kept her girls on the floor to congratulate each Lapwai girl after she received her state medal. The comradery and sportsmanship exhibited by the Pirates and their head coach was inspiring.  I just wish that other teams could learn by their example and give it a try for themselves.  No one likes losing, but losing with class is something we all should learn to do. Someone needs to tell Cam Newton that.  

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