2018-19 5A State Boys Basketball Tournament

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2/28/2019 3:40:36 PM
Wow what a great upset
By post falls over rocky mountain. All those hours over the off season and money poured into the program and recruits from other local schools... and post falls from the north wins over the defending champs... haha got love it. Maybe it's just a game folks. Just maybe for fun. What a great ending when you don't know the putcome. Congrads post falls on the W! Go Madison!
3/2/2019 10:13:28 PM
Recruits from other schools?
Please stop making these ridiculous comments about recruits from other schools. The Idaho high school athletic Association has very stringent guidelines around students moving from one school to another. Your parents must live with in the school boundaries. If they do not the proof you have to provide that your move is not athletically related is virtually impossible. And you cannot play a varsity sport for a year. Kids are just jumping from one school to another. It is almost impossible unless you physically move. Then you still have to provide documentation that it was not for athletics. If you don’t satisfy the Idaho high school athletic association then you still have to sit out a year even if you move.

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