2018-19 1AD2 State Boys Basketball Tournament

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2/28/2019 11:44:40 AM
It's too bad for fans
As the best teams in this division are mostly in the bottom part of the bracket and 2 best teams play each other the first night instead of for the state title Saturday for all to enjoy. Just unfortunate how it worked out this year. Lighthouse should have the easiest path instead of garden valley. I don't want to hear the phrase "this is state and all teams are quality" which is not true and it shows in 3 divisions at least this year in idaho. Can they all win sure, but should they even be their is another issue. Anyway, those bottom 2 games are much watch TV hs bball state for those who enjoy it here in idaho. Sadly, few may enjoy the great play tonight. Go garden valley though!
2/28/2019 4:28:37 PM
tournament seeding time
I see where someone is not too happy with the seeding. How about we seed the schools that recruit, in their own tourney. That would be fair to the real small schools that only have maybe 10 players that play. I would like to see that all charter schools or private schools play up one division, that might make the tourneys quality!!
2/28/2019 5:24:36 PM
Tourney seeding time
I agree with Jacks above this is getting ridiculous. Private schools that recruit can travel all over, aren't bound by public school rules. Level the playing field already.............let them play up or stand by your initial ruling.
3/1/2019 10:37:06 AM
3 out 4
How about three out of the four semi final teams being private schools from Twin Falls, Moscow, and Post Falls. Probably a real challenge to field a team from towns that small. Join the ongoing conversation on the sports boards about giving 1AD2 back to 1AD2 communities. It is under the top right link of this page. Click on fun stuff and it should be under recent posts. If it has been bumped then click on the boards link and you will find it in the high school basketball board.
3/1/2019 10:39:08 AM
Good Luck Garden Valley!
You are the last public school standing with a chance to make it to the state tourney. Small town Idaho is cheering for you! Rep your set!
3/1/2019 12:11:37 PM
It's sounds like a bunch of...
Sore loser bitter fans here to me who are just disappointed their team lost. I saw the games. Great games. Salmon river had a fenominal year to make a comeback in districts and run to state with a true quality team that could compete with anyone. That 2nd half they were down by 15 pts the whole time but boy they all played like it was tied and just missed scoring needed points here and their to get back into it. It took all genesis prep had to keep them off. And that moment where 5.10 blocks 6.9?! Wow the gym was rocking after that. Vandereisch in the house as well. And the game after went to OT vs 2 teams that could of won state had they not met here and now last night. Quality play last night. Great state bball. So get off with all the whining and saying smalls private schools play unfair because it's garbage. Lighthouse has never done what it is doing and only undefeated team in idaho left. Give them props. The state give kids at even small Public schools 7k or more for education and even funds for extracurricular stuff like sports too close to 10k per kid. Private schools get exactly zero $$ per kid. Charter schools maybe unfair but not private schools. Many schools are open enrollment and recruit especially public big time scholls. So why dog small private schools who just happen to be fortunate to fund a state quality team. ??? Common sense folks. Check your facts. Anyway, they all had their shot and Mackey had a great year too. Both still in it for something. I did say it would be great bball and bottom heavy. Someone had to get upset. Salmon river could of beat garden valley in districts for top seed. Mackey just got unlucky seeding but wow what a fantastic state game. Mackey sure looked loaded like it was recru..... um.. no they had a great year. Tough 1st round match up. 1A bball is great this year. Much better than 2a 3a or 5a ball overall. The system may be unfair at times but it's way better than it was in 06 if we all recall. Only one 1a division with a chaos bracket. They got things good now as good as it may ever get. Play better ball if you want to keep going to the title game. Much love for Mackey and salmon river though. Fun watching them play quality ball.
3/1/2019 1:47:36 PM
Get er Dun!
Instead of attacking the bitter loser fans from public schools, why don’t you layout the reasons that you feel there is a fair playing field in 1AD2? Do you not see the difference from playing with a team made up of the 45-80 kids who actually live in your community, to fielding a team from several large school districts? Come join that conversation on the sports boards. On a side note you sound a little bitter that the state doesn’t fund your sports program in your private school? That does kind of make sense because you know, you are private. You do understand that public schools have to fund raise to have a sports program and travel to state, right? If you do want a piece of that little money pie, go play for Canyon Ridge, Twin Falls, Filer, Buhl, Jerome, .etc. If Johnny Hillman goes today, you might discover that GP is one of the two best teams in the tourney. (That would be a tough deal to lose to GP without him) I really hope that their international students do not make you a bitter loser fan. ;) Keep up the great game Garden Valley!
3/1/2019 3:41:42 PM
Lopsided 1AD2 teams
Sawtooth is right. The small schools from rural communities simply cannot compete with private/charter schools that are located in areas with a large population to draw students from. In the small communities you do not have the luxury of picking your players. Small communities have to develop and play the kids that live in the school district whereas the private/charter schools can easily pick up players that may have not been selected for the 5A or 4A school team where that they are currently attending. Small schools also don't have the benefit of the private funding to recruit players from other countries etc. either. Simply stated, the private/charter schools should simply have their own division.
3/2/2019 1:26:29 PM
Congrads to lighthouse christian
Future legends of the game in the next 30 years for sure and only undefeated team in idaho this year. Very impressive. Also congrads to salmon river bouncing back after a tough well played 1st round game loss and winning out in dramatic fashion. Great state basketball games for all to enjoy. Truely quality and fair play in this division tournament. Nicely done teams. Thanks for the entertainment.
3/2/2019 4:25:30 PM
There you go folks
Three of the six schools playing for state bling on the last day of the tournament were private schools from urban areas. For the third year in a row, the state champion was a private school from an urban area. If you are tired of an uneven playing field and small school opportunities being lost to big city schools, zip Ty Jones an email and let him know. He is the director of the IHSAA and his email at the IHSAA is jonest@idhsaa.org.
3/5/2019 11:21:41 AM
Hard to fill a glass that's already full
So I'll end with the fact that it's cheaper for foreign exchange students to go to most private schools than public schools. And their are strict regulations for their sports play as past small rural "Public" schools have won titles cheating by getting olympic quality players from other countries for sports. Facts. Wilder. New meadows. Etc... anyway, private schools have to earn all their funds by donations. The State gives public schools funds 9k plus per kid. People get tired of public school education and private schools tend to be better. Charter school would be the only arguable position here. They do shady things at times. Again, most people here are just upset their team didn't win when really the best team all year was lighthouse and they won their 1st title. Genesis prep is a christian school. That is the key part of their education not sports. I have no affiliation with either and more with wilder, wanting them to beat lighthouse in football a few years ago. But I don't call them cheaters for it. Sometimes kids turn turn into adults but nothing changes really.

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